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Look at the Great Review Pizzeria 3301 and Our Factory Tour Recently Received on TripAdvisor

Great for Kids – Thank You Palermo's! Last month, in conjunction with a pizza factory tour at Palermo's, we hosted 19 people (most of them 6-year-old kids) at Palermo’s Pizzeria 3301 for our daughter's 6th birthday party. I have to say it was a great decision on our part to have the party there … it was really fun! We can't really take all the credit though because the staff at Palermo's are the ones who really made the party great! I'm not even sure where to begin – everything from the flawless coordination of our event details to the high energy, engaging nature of our tour guides to the REALLY good pizza, we were extremely satisfied. These days, that kind of satisfaction is often hard to find! We really appreciated extra touches the staff made to enhance our daughter's day and make it very fun and special. They let her put on an official Palermo's pizza jacket that the real pizza chefs wear, gave her flowers and led the whole pizzeria in singing her the birthday song – very cute! It created a special memory for us! Initially, I was worried that the kids might be too young for the tour activity but I learned that lots of families and groups take children on the pizza factory tour at Palermo's. I can see why now – the children in attendance really enjoyed themselves and learned a little too! The guides were very kid-friendly and the kids really liked watching the pizza crusts get sorted by people and machines! A month later, I still run into parents who ask me how we came up with the idea to go to Palermo's and how they think it was so cool for us to host a birthday party there. The entire experience was super positive. I would do everything the exact same way again. It's a really neat offering here in Milwaukee and I felt it was reasonable too! Where else can you get a tour, a decent sized slice of pizza and beverage AND a t-shirt for $10? Even without the tour and the party, the pizza itself is a strong draw … we will be back to enjoy it again!