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It’s Easy Being Red, White and Green

The owners and employees of Palermo Villa, Inc. take great care to preserve the environment for future generations through pervasive efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle as part of our frozen Pizza manufacturing process, including:

Fuel Conservation

Palermo’s helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing freight carriers that are certified for their fuel-efficient practices and by choosing intermodal transportation for our shipping needs whenever feasible.

Energy Conservation

Our office lighting features occupancy sensors and our manufacturing plant uses energy-efficient LED lighting.

Waste Repurposing

More than 900 tons of food waste is repurposed as feed for livestock annually.

Sustainable Packaging

The more than 15 million pounds of cardboard that Palermo’s uses annually for master boxes and individual Pizza boxes is made from recycled pulp.


Palermo’s recycles more than 2,000 tons of cardboard and plastic annually, along with thousands of plastic drums. We also donate dozens of plastic barrels to city projects every year for use as rain barrels.

Water Conservation

Palermo Villa’s no-water lawn and planting are environmentally friendly.

Club Verde

Our employee “stew crew” leaves a green footprint with weekly outings to maintain and beautify the area around our facility and the nearby Hank Aaron State Trail.


Palermo’s has partnered with our Menomonee Valley neighbors to support efforts to maintain an environmentally conscious city:

  • Hank Aaron State Trail – Provides a continuous connection between Miller Park and the Lake Michigan lakefront.
  • Urban Ecology Center – Serves 77,000+ people each year, while protecting and restoring urban green spaces.
  • Three Bridges Park – The largest new Milwaukee park in decades features biking and walking trails, river access for fishing and canoeing, and three bike/pedestrian bridges.

Palermo’s Pizzaiolos are committed to being responsible citizens of Mother Earth, as well as good neighbors and friends to those who work and play in Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley.