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Palermo’s growing Family of Brands includes Palermo’s® Pizza (Palermo’s Primo Thin™, King Cheese, Palermo’s Thin Crust), Screamin’ Sicilian™ Pizza Co. (Screamin’ Sicilian™ 12”, Screamin’ Sicilian™ Loaded Pan, Screamin’ Sicilian™ I’m Single, Screamin’ Sicilian™ Stromboli, Screamin’ Sicilian™ Take ‘N Bake), Urban Pie Pizza Co.™ (Artisan Crust and Veggie Crust) and Connie’s® Pizza. Every Pizza is made by dedicated Pizzaiolos, drawing on the founder’s Italian roots and family recipes to achieve premium quality. Palermo’s continues to be a leader in innovation in the Pizza industry, developing new products and flavors that cater to consumer needs. For more information, visit


It takes generations of practice to make a Pizza that is worthy of the name Primo (the Italian word for ‘first’). With an ultra-thin, crispy crust and indulgent taste, Palermo’s Primo Thin™ Pizzas were inspired by an appetite for lighter, flavor-forward foods and offer fewer calories and carbs per serving than other frozen Pizzas. Our founder, Papa Palermo, took great pride in his authentic recipes, passing down the art of Pizza-making to the next generation. Now in our third generation, Palermo’s Primo Thin honors his passion for Pizza, and we’re proud to share it with you. For more information, visit


Our founder, Gaspare “Papa Palermo” Fallucca, was a passionate guy who gave a darn about quality. A Sicilian immigrant who came to the Americas in 1954, he had with him a 5th grade education, a suitcase full of family recipes and the firm belief that you should enjoy every bite you shove in your pie hole. Papa Palermo’s passion would come out in a loud and excited voice. Those around him would say, “Don’t scream at me!” and “Why are you screamin’ at me?” He would reply, “I’m not screamin’!” We decided that the best way to honor his magnetic passion, thick mustache and over-the-top, screamin’ nature was to name our Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza after the man we all loved. A Pizza worthy of its name is overtopped with ingredients so good it will make your momma holla. For more information, visit


Gaspare Fallucca, our founder, and his wife, Zina, started their business adventure in 1964 when they opened a small Italian bakery in the trendy urban area of Milwaukee’s East Side. The bakery was so popular that it expanded into an Italian restaurant and, as fate would have it, became famous for its Pizza. Like our Pizzeria, many others made their way into urban settings in the 1960s and became hubs where friends and families would hang out and enjoy a Pizza together. An ode to all the small Pizzerias in urban areas across America, our Urban Pie explores new flavors, new cultures and new trends. We are honored to share our travels, our Pizza passion and our foodie knowledge with all of you. Buon Appetito! For more information, visit


During the 1960s, many Italian immigrants started Pizzerias as their family’s source of income and expression of their passion. The Stolfe family was one such family, growing their Chicago Pizzeria into a well-loved Chicago frozen Pizza brand. As Palermo’s expanded its distribution into bigger markets and more retailers, we were able to acquire Connie’s from the Stolfe family. Two family-owned companies, both started in the Midwest in the early 1960s by the fathers of the then owners. Both known for providing high quality, innovative products to loyal fans. A match made in Pizza heaven! For more information, visit


All great pizzas begin with a great crust. Combining generations of Pizza-making experience and a forward-thinking approach, Palermo's has the formula for success. I2Q (Insight, Innovation and Quality) helps deliver a great-tasting Pizza at an excellent price, allowing you to maximize value for your consumers. Check out our great crusts: