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Where can I find baking instructions and nutritional information for your Pizzas?

Click here to access the Palermo’s website and find the Pizza in question. After you select the Pizza, click on the "Nutritional Information and Baking Instructions" page to view nutritional information  and  baking instructions.

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Should the Pizza be put on a pan or directly on the oven rack?

For best results, place your Pizza directly on the oven rack.

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I followed the baking instructions and the Pizza burned. What should I do?

If the Pizza burned on top but was undercooked on the bottom, try lowering your rack. If the Pizza burned on the bottom but was undercooked on the top, try raising your oven rack. If the Pizza was burned on the top and bottom, decrease bake time to the minimum bake time.

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What’s the difference between the product lines?

Thank you for asking! Click here to check out the unique characteristics of each line.

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On your box it states a serving size is ⅓ Pizza (140 grams). To me, this means a third of the Pizza is a serving size. Then it states: “Serving per container: 9.”

This is a multipack carton that specifies the servings in the entire container; however, the serving size is declared correctly per Pizza.

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I am concerned about the sodium levels on my favorite Pizza. What can I do?

Thank you for your concern. We are targeting lower sodium levels as we introduce new Pizzas and reformulate existing lines.


What does natural mean?

This means the ingredients do not contain artificial colors/flavors and are minimally processed

Is natural the same as organic?

No, it is not. Organic food refers to food items that are produced, manufactured and handled using organic means defined by certifying bodies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) under its Organic Food Products Act. Natural food, on the other hand, generally refers to food items that are not altered chemically or synthesized in any form. Organic Pizzas have dedicated lines, wash downs between non-organic products and all organically produced ingredients. Natural states that the ingredients used are minimally processed and not “synthesized.” They are run on all lines and don’t have dedicated lines like organic.


Do all of your crusts contain soy?

All of the crusts used at Palermo’s include soy in the ingredients or can come into contact with soy on shared production lines that also run other crusts containing soy.

Do your Pizzas contain MSG?

MSG is included in the ingredient listing when present. We do our best to formulate Pizzas without MSG; however, there are Pizzas that contain it.

Do your cheeses contain animal enzymes?

While only a small percentage of our Pizzas use cheese with animal-derived enzymes, the factory is not vegan-certified and the Pizzas are not manufactured on dedicated lines for non-animal enzyme cheese. There is always the possibility of cheese crossover from one variety of Pizza to another. Only Asiago, Romano and Gorgonzola cheese contain animal-delivered enzymes. Other cheeses we use are microbial-derived enzymes.

Do you have any Pizzas that are Kosher?

No, we do not have a Kosher certification.

Do you sell gluten-free Pizza?

No, we do not.

Is this Pizza made in the USA? I buy American.

Yes, all of our products are manufactured in the U.S.

Are your Pizzas peanut free?

Yes. We do not make any Pizzas that contain tree nuts or peanuts.

Do your Pizzas contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

Depending on the ingredients used on the Pizza, our Pizzas may contain GMOs.

Where to buy

Why doesn’t the supermarket where I shop carry all varieties of your Pizza?

We would like to sell our Pizza everywhere, but that’s not up to us. Each individual retailer decides which products they will or will not carry.

We recommend that you tell the manager of your favorite store that you would like them to carry Palermo’s. Store managers want to sell what their customers want to buy, so you really have all the power.

We also encourage you to join the Pizza club of each product line. Members receive a monthly e-mail with news about new products, company information and special downloadable “member only” coupons that are of higher value than we generally give out.

Company Info

Are those guys I hear/see in the advertising real or are they actors?

Giacomo and Angelo are 100% real! The brothers took over the business from their parents, who founded the company in 1964.

Who owns Palermo’s? Are they part of a larger company?

Palermo’s is a family-owned company that was founded by the Fallucca family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1964. It is still owned by the Fallucca family.