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Our culture

The Palermo Way is a Pizza-shaped representation of Palermo’s corporate culture. Our customers and consumers are at the heart of the Palermo Way; the slices of the Palermo Way feature the eight values of Palermo’s culture.

From our innovative and quality products to our commitment to safety, stewardship and passion, we are proud to share the Palermo Way and our Mission and Vision:

Our Mission

To Deliver a Great Pizza Experience as We Win with Employees, Customers and Consumers.

Our Vision

Pizza for the Masses!



Palermo’s team members are introduced to the Palermo Way on their first day of employment and go on to live our culture throughout their Palermo careers.

Our employee onboarding program, “Palermo’s Passport to Success and Growth,” provides a strategic path for new hires. Combined with orientation, this initiative helps them to become fully engaged, fully contributing members of our employee team, while also achieving personal and professional growth. Our new employees’ managers, co-workers and onboarding friends are all eager to guide them through our programs, best practices, technology and equipment and help them understand how what they do contributes to our success.


Behind every great company are guiding principles that lay out what that company believes in. Ours are clearly outlined by the MVP Slice of the Palermo Way, which encompasses our Mission, our Vision/Values and our Performance.

We are a high-performing culture of passionate Pizzaiolos. The Palermo Way provides our employees with a framework for the way we behave, while the MVP program provides a tangible method by which we recognize our co-workers when we see them behaving in a manner that lives our vision.